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Just how good or dismal is the postage service you get?

Let us know, please!

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    Dear Mr.Manager,

    On December 5th 2012 I sent a registered letter with reference # RI073225089BG with additionally attached return receipt (A.D) from the Rousse Central Post Office in Bulgaria.

    The tracking led me no further than… South Kensington PDO, quote:
    “Track and Trace
    Your item, posted on 12/12/12 with reference RI073225089BG was delivered in SOUTH KENSINGTON PDO on 12/12/12.
    Thank you for using this service.”

    Basically from 12/12/12 my letter hadn’t moved an inch from your post depot.

    AND THIS IS NOTHING LESS BUT OUTRAGEOUS AND NOTHING CAN COMPENSATE THE DAMAGE YOUR LACK OF SERVICES HAD DONE, since it was an application letter for a very important audition with a deadline January 4th 2013!

    So it is almost a MONTH now that you hadn’t found time to move and get it a go! After all, the addressee is in your neighborhood!

    It is hardly the first time I get my complete disappointment from the Royal Mail lousy services but this time you exceeded yourselves!

    I demand at least a written explanation of how on earth this is possible and, please don’t tell me this was because of Christmas etc, since 2 (TWO!!) weeks later I addressed a similar letter to an enterprise in Birmingham and they answered back a long time ago!

    Just to let you know that with your lame and crippled services you change people’s destinies!!!

    With my deepest disappointment:

    Anna Dimitrova
    13 Bogdan vojvoda str.
    Bl.Sever 2, p.box 1
    Rousse 7002
    Email : anna_maria_angels@yahoo.com
    Mobile: +359 88 55 999 25

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