British Mail is on strike

Royal Mail workers vote to strike. After a series of regional strikes around the country in recent weeks that have created a backlog of millions of letters, postal workers voted three to one in favour of strike action meanign that British customers are unlikely to see any post in the near future.

Now is the time for the government to act and break the monoloy of the Royal Mail. There are many alternative providers in todays market but these are prevented from competing on an equal playing field because of arcane rules. If workers are the Royal Mail choose to refuse to modernise and walk out on strike then the time is right to let this institution die. There’s a great demand for postal services in the UK and it’s time that the market was allowed to provide them without hinderance.

With the rise of internet shopping, web sites like ebay and amazon are creating new demand for postal services so lets ditch the Royal Mail and move on.

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